Possible to use a master template?

I am trying to get up to speed quickly here and unfortunately I'm away when Bruno is doing his WebCore day in London :-(

This might be in the docs or the samples, if so apologies as I have missed it.

Is it possible to have a master template that is used for all pages? This is something I have used a lot in the past. Typically the master template will have a header and footer and maybe a left column: sort of

<div id="leftcol">[navigation etc]</div>
<div id="header">[branding]</div>
<div id="pagecontent">[....]</div>
<div id="footer">[legal stuff and links]</div>

The page can have it's own template that is embedded in the appropriate div. This can either be created as complete page or the content can be loaded to the pagecontent div using jquery.

At this moment, there is no such option. You'd need to manually repeat such template.
It is an interesting option though to study for future updates.

Thanks, It would be a worthwhile (and time saving) addition