Position to -1 in PlannerRightClick event

Using TPlanner version

While in a week view using
  PlannerD.Mode.PlannerType := plDay;
  PlannerD.Positions := 7;

When i make a left click on a free cell, in the PlannerLeftClick event I can get the position, but if I make a click with the right button allways I get a -1 in the PlannerRightClick event.

What is the way for obtainig the position in this event.

The parameters of the OnPlannerRightClick event return the coordinates of the selected cell(s). By default, the selection is not affected by a right-click, hence, it will just return the coordinates of the cell(s) that were already selected before by a left click.
If you want to get the coordinates of the timeslot click from the right-mousebutton click, we'd recommend to use OnPlannerMouseDown event, check for the right button there and use the X,Y pixel coordinates for the Planner.XYToCell() function to convert this into timeslot coordinates.

Thanks for your suggestion, not it is working

If it is not working, can you please provide more details how to reproduce as with a default latest version of the TPlanner on the form configured with Planner.Positions := 7 I cannot see an issue here.