Popups sensitive to browser window resize

I just wanted to ask whether it's intended behavior that the popup disappears when user resizes the window or click in the URL address bar of the browser.

Where do you see this? 
In the multiform demo with showing a popup form, I cannot reproduce such behavior.

I see. It seems to be doing so only in Microsoft Edge. Both, Webkit and IE 11 seems to be unaffected.

I have retested this in Edge on Windows 10 here, but I also could not see the popup close here when resizing the form.

I see, it is more involved.
Try following with the Multiform demo:
- Load it fresh in the browser
- Show DON'T check the "Show for as popup" checkbox and display the window normally.
- Check the "Show form as popup" checkbox and display as popup.
- Try to resize the window or click in the URL, the popup should unexpectedly close.

The requirement is that you've at least once displayed the window NOT as a popup. Also, I retested and it really seems to be doing only in Edge.

I could reproduce this now with Edge. That is a very weird behavior of Edge. We'll investigate.