Popup hint in IWAdvWebGrid


I have a web grid with each column set to ctNoWrap. Some cells contain a long string which cannot be completely displayed in the cell, so it is truncated.

What I want to do is show the full text of the cell when the user hovers over the cell with the mouse. Is this possible? I know I can set the ShowHint property of the column to True and then use the OnGetCellHint event of the grid to give a value to the hint. I have tried doing something like this:

  if ColumnIndex = 3 then
    AValue := grd.Cells[ColumnIndex, grd.ActiveRow];

This displays the content of the selected row in the hint, not the row the mouse is over.

Is there any way to determine which row the mouse is over so that I can return the appropriate value for the hint?


Can you please try using the "RowIndex" parameter instead of "grd.ActiveRow"?


  if ColumnIndex = 3 then
    AValue := grd.Cells[ColumnIndex, RowIndex];

Bart Holvoet2013-08-19 08:25:48