Please Update Zeos to stable release 8

Please Update Zeos to stable release 8.

I’m not sure what do you mean by that?
Zeos 8 is not backward compatible?

I have a generic "Cannot assign a TZRawCharacterTransliterateOptions to a TZRawCharacterTransliterateOptions" on requests when I use a Tzconnection in Aurelius and AdapterName = 'Zeoslib'.
It seems that Zeos 8 is not totally backward compatible (or is a my mistake??).
But Zeos tell:
"The Zeos Team is proud to announce the availability of Zeos 8.0.0 as a stable release. This is the newest stable version of Zeos. It deprecates Zeos 7.2, and any previous version of Zeos. We urge all people still using older versions of Zeos to upgrade. If you have any problems with Zeos 8.0, please get in contact with us on the forums or on the bugtracker.

The most outstanding changes in Zeos 8.0 are

  • Support for Delphi NextGen compilers to support Android, iOS and Mac OS X
  • Two new bridge drivers for OleDB and ODBC
  • A new driver that uses the Firebird interface based API for accessing Firebird versions 2.5 and above
  • A special proxy server and an according driver that can be used to access any Zeos supported database using SOAP over HTTP(S) from (mobile) clients.
  • Propper support for numeic and decimal fields by using TBCDField and TFMTBCDField
  • Nested transactions using savepoints
  • Two new components: TZTransaction and TZMemTable
  • better overall performance and smaller memory footprint".

I will try to test again, but update to release 8 however, it would seem necessary.

Good Job!

Well, this looks like a bug in ZeosLib. It's typical of a bad/missing implementation of Assign method.

Actually a 1-minute Google search points to ZeosLib/src/component/ZAbstractConnection.pas at master · frones/ZeosLib · GitHub and it shows that TZRawCharacterTransliterateOptions doesn't have its Assign method implemented.

Have you tried contacting ZeosLib team?

OK, I have reported the bug to Zeos forums.
(I thought it was a compatibility problem between Aurelius and version 8 of Zeos)