Please support simple pascal Class definition in scripter

We are in the process of migrating application scripting support from PAX Compiler to TMS Scripter and TMS Workflow.

At the moment, we have a number of customer scripts that contain simple class definitions, as a way of simple grouping of methods.

I see that TMS Scripter has pseudo-class support via pascal unit-class duality idiom. So it would be possible to pre-process script, extract class and methods to separate temp units, include them and script should run with simple classes supported.

Unfortunately, this requires that we build our own pascal parser, and that is a lot of work.

Is there any plan to support class definitions in script?

If class support is not possible, is it possible to fire some events wile parsing script, so that we could extract class and methods to separate temp unit?

Is there a way to contribute?

Please advise

Hi @Bratusa_Kristijan, unfortunately there is no current plan to allow class definitions in script.

I didn't understand your question about parsing. I understand that you should use PAX Compiler parser - since it understands the existing class declarations - and then from that information you can generate the units with pseudo-classes that TMS Scripter understands.

@wlandgraf - we would like to remove PAX Compiler component from our app, as it is no longer available as separate purchase.

Is there a parser inside TMS Scripter that can be used for Class and methods extraction?

No, there isn't. What I mean is that you use PAX Compiler to parse and convert scripts, then you can create a standalone tool using it.

You could also try to use DelphiAST: GitHub - RomanYankovsky/DelphiAST: Abstract syntax tree builder for Delphi but I'm not sure how compatible is PAX Compiler syntax.