Please improve vertical positioning of timeline

Currently it's impossible to know how much vertical space the timeline needs to display all the (possibly stacked) annotations. Therefore you don't know how high the control has to be and what is the best value for VerticalMargin.
Example: If there are no (or no stacked) annotations ABOVE the timeline it would be useful to lower VerticalMargin to properly display all annotations BELOW the timeline.
But we don't know the height of the annotations above and below the timeline.
It would be very helpful to have access to these figures at runtime (named UsedTopHeight./UsedBottomHeight or the like).
Maybe this picture helps to clarify my problem: Dropbox - File Deleted


We have implemented this here and with the AnnotationUsedTopHeight and AnnotationUsedBottomHeight functions you will be able to determine how many space the annotations need to be displayed. These new functions will be available in the next release.

This feature was implemented.