Please do not use "* .Ico" for your Demo examples.

This is the most common problem after installation. And completely useless.
My current, but not the only one example:
"[BRCC32 Error] Demo.vrc(60): file not found: ....\Resources\Chart-Combination.ico""

I have a lot of installation experience at the moment:
Clean installation Win11 + Clean Delphi Tokyo + TMS All-Access.
It's been 5 days and I'm still not quite done.
Not only icons..
I really appreciate TMS products.
TMS All-Access. - there is a lot of work involved, I understand.
in the last period on my old Win10, many new TMS product installations have caused problems :
That's why I decided "right now" for the clean install of Win11 OS,
It seems that the disorder in my old Win10 was not the cause of the difficulties.

I can handle it now: If I have a problem, at the end, the manual installation will eventually solve it.
But it's time consuming.
Currently, I also do "Restore Points". For sure.
So I can reconstruct the system to the clean state of Delphi Tokyo for example and start over.
For sure: I have installed Tokyo in "just for me" mode
If you are interested, I will be happy to explain my current experience in more detail