Please add UITableView.sectionHeaderTopPadding

Since iOS 15, all section headers in UITableView has become much larger. This is because of a new property UITableView.sectionHeaderTopPadding which is non-zero by default.
We need to set the value to 0, but its not included in the UITableView wrapper (in FMX.TMSNativeUICore).
Will it work if I just add it manually to the file, or could you make a quick fix?

See for example: uitableview - Extra padding above table view headers in iOS 15 - Stack Overflow

It should work when you add it to the UITableView interface. We have added it here as well.

Thank you. Do you have a planned release date for the change?
My colleague mentioned that last time we tried to change the OC wrappers deployed with iCL, it took some time to make it work with a manual re-build of iCL.
So I'll rather wait for the update, unless you have a step-by-step guide we can follow?

We'll release an update today. Note that we haven't exposed it as a property, so you'll have to access the setter via the native property access

Thank you very much. Its perfectly fine to only include it as a native property. We use native properties a lot, and I do in fact prefer using the native access. It removes the noise of an extra layer.