Platform error - IW Component Pack Pro Script

RAD Studio XE2. Win7 64bit. Delphi XE2 Personality.
When attempting to compile (install)  IW12TMSDXE2.dproj I get the following error.
[Error Error] Invalid PLATFORM variable "BPC". PLATFORM must be one of the following: "Win32", "Win64", or "OSX32". If PLATFORM is defined by your system's environment, it must be overridden in the RAD Studio IDE or passed explicitly on the command line to MSBuild; e.g., /p:Platform=Win32.
The XE2 help files are not helping :-)
Has anyone else had this problem? Any suggested solutions? 
TIA - Kevin

It would seem this is a Delphi XE2 issue It must have set some environment variable to an incorrect value. I'd suggest to first try to do a repair of your Delphi XE2 install. Also, did you try this on another machine?

Thanks. Thats what I thought, but I also thought you might know where that variable is in the registry/system. I will let you know what it is once I find it.


The setting can be found in Tools|Options|Environment Options|Environment Variables\Platform.

It can be overridden, but not edited. Maybe this is a RAD XE2 Studio thing. I am talking to Embarcadero about it.

WIN7 - Control Panel | System | Advanced system settings | Environment Variables | System Variables...

Scroll down list, highlight "Platform", Click Delete
Problem solved.
Thanks - Kevin