PlannerItem and link to multiple items


In the PlannerItem, is there a way to link an item to multiple items?
I dont need any LinkType that move the linked items: I only need that the item element has multiple "LinkedItems" (that display multiple lines to the linkeditems).


Unfortunately, at this moment, a link is a one to one relationship between two items.

I've faced a problem using links.
In particular the a PlannerItem il linked near his linked one in this disposition, the link doesen't appear in the planner.
When there's one cell between the two items the links appears

Even a link that starts from the bottom-center of the second item should be ok. It seems that this particular case is not managed


P.s. Planner.ItemGap -> 0

It is managed but it is designed to be drawn in the area of the itemgap
If you set ItemGap = 0, it is not possible to draw this without overlapping the items itself.