Planner - Static Line

Hi Bruno

Im now wanting to create a Static Line, which does not move, when the PLanner is scrolled.
Currently I have, in Planner.OnAfterPaint...
  MyPlanner1.GridControl.Canvas.Pen.Color := clGreen;       
  MyPlanner1.GridControl.Canvas.Pen.Width := 1;
This work well.  However, when I scroll down, the Sidebar is regenerated, but the Grid is not ie The Sidebar line is still positioned in the middle, but the Grid line is moved up.
The solution I have so far, is to call (from a button)...
This forces a repaint of the Grid, and all is good again.
Is there a better way to have a Static Line???
Please Note : Im using an old version of Planner for Delphi 6.

In an older version, there is no alternative way.
For the painting issue, try to set Planner.GridControl.DoubleBuffered := true