Planner, Size of Rectangle of an item

Hi, I use the Planner in WebCore with 

Mode = Day
ModeSettings.OverlappableItems = True
OrientationMode = pomHorizontal
Positions.Count = 1

The vertical size of the Rectangle of an item spans over the height of the grid or in case of overlapping items that vertical size is auto calculated to fit all overlapping items to match the height of the grid.

Question: Is it possible to have any influence on that size of the rectangle? I would like to have them all the same vertical size, so that they are just high enough to show their title. (In other words I would like to be able to set a maximum vertical size, even if there's more space available in the grid).

The alternative approach would be to use multiple Positions/Regions and put overlapping Items in a different Region. But for my needs I basically don't need multiple Regions If I were able to set a maximum vertical size for an item.

Kind regards


There is currently no option to configure the height of the items in horizontal mode. These are automatically calculated based on the height of the cell. We'll investigate if we can add an event that can control this.

Thank you Pieter, that would be a great enhancement

We have meanwhile added a OnCustomizeItemRect event that allows you to do that.