Planner item fonts for hints

With the FMXplanner I can alter the font size of an item by
and/or planner.itemsappearance.Activefont.size

but ... can I also alter the size of the font in the hint ?
( and if Yes : how can I do that ?)



The FMX framework uses a standard font for the hints. There is currently at FMX Planner level not an option to change the hint font. I could not find information from Embarcadero whether the hint font can be modified at FMX framework level.

thanks Bruno.
Is there a functions that tells me on which cell I am hovering ?
In that case I can make my own hint when I do a OnMouseEnter / OnMouseLeave.
Or is it possible to make a OnShowHint event where I can show my own hint ?

You can use Planner.XYToCell() to convert mouse coordinates to cell coordinates.

OK, thank you !