Planner Item Editors

I am just starting out with TPlanner.  I am using TDefaultItemEditor when creating a new item within a day view planner and my problem is that it shows a date which is set to 30/12/1899.  I realise that dates are not relevant to this view, but to the user, this looks ridiculous, even though I will ensure that the item is stored with the correct date.

Is there any way to change the date shown in the default editors??

Thanks in advance

Following code can be used to force the date for a Planner with no bound date:

procedure TForm2.Planner1ItemStartEdit(Sender: TObject; Item: TPlannerItem);
  Item.RealTime := true;
  Item.ItemRealStartTime := Int(DateToUse)+  Frac(Item.ItemRealStartTime);
  Item.ItemRealEndTime := Int(DateToUse)+  Frac(Item.ItemRealEndTime);