Placing Firemonkey controls inside Tabbar control

Dear All,

I am trying to place a TChart component inside
TTMSFMXNativeUITabBarItem but the TChat is not visible at runtime. I
believe this has to do with the native components not respecting the
z-order of the form but is there a workaround.

Also, do you have
any demo on how to keep text edits (TTMSFMXNativeUITextField) visible on
when the virtual keyboard pops up (something similar to scrollableform
demo in firemonkey.


Karim Kouni

Due to the way the FireMonkey framework is designed (having controls all painted on the form), it is not possible to place non-native controls as child controls in native controls. 

Using the techniques as shown in, you'd also need to reposition the TTMSFMXNativeUITextField when the keyboard shows / hides.