How to compile WEBLib.*.pas files to WEBLib.*.pju format?
Which appears in the trial version of TMS FNC UI Pack.
And it is not in the full version and in TMS WEB Core?


If you have TMS FNC UI Pack (and thus the .PAS files), TMS WEB Core can (and will) directly use the .PAS files and there is no need for .PJU files. The .PJU files are only coming with the TMS WEB Core trial version (similar to VCL trial components that only come with .DCU files)

I have noticed that using * .pju (in trial) significantly(drastically) speeds up compilations/building. 
I suppose there is no need to recompile everything.
Why are the full versions devoid of this possibility?

We have so far not seen a difference that really affects the experience and have therefore avoided introducing this extra complexity.

It would be good for full versions of FNC UI Pack and WEB Core to be able to generate *.pjt files. 
This would allow avoiding recompilation of unmodified units while building.

In the previous one I meant *.pju (not  *.pjt).

One more thing.
Do you work on the adaptation of pas2js in version 1.2.0?
It seems that significant progress has been made since the previous versions.


This is on the agenda. Performing our full compatibility testing is quite some effort, so we synchronize only with main releases.