Pivot Tables


I want to use a Pivot tables in conjunction with FlexCelReport. I used the example provided by the documentation and everything works as expected except of one thing: every node of the table is expanded in the final report when the excel document opens. Is it possible to reduce all nodes in the final report?

Thanks in advance


Sadly I don't think that's possible. FlexCel doesn't calculate the pivot table: Excel does it when you open the file. And Excel by default will expand all new nodes it finds, so no matter what we write in the file, when Excel finds the new data, it will expand it. (unless there is an option somewhere to make Excel not expand by default, but I am not aware that option exists)

One thing you could try is an autorun macro that collapses the nodes after opening the file. You can collapse all nodes in a pivot table with the ribbon:

And so you could run this command in a macro when the file is opened. It might be a little overkill, but it should work.