Phinx login Android

I created an FMX form (like the VCL demo form) to have a Sphinx login in Android, however I get an error when Sphinx.login is called:

HttpEngine error: failed to connect to /serverIp (port 2001) from /androidIp (port 41256) after 60000ms...

Perhaps I need to include an extra component to use the Sphinx login in Android?
This was tested in Delphi 12.1 and an Android device running Android 10

Your Android device can't connect to the Sphinx server. It's something in the network connection.

Either your Android device is blocking non-secure (HTTPS) connections, or the computer with the server is not in the same network, or some firewall in the server computer is blocking the connection, etc.

The connection was the culprit in this case, turned off all windows defender options and then I get a server connection.
However when I log using the normal external browser the token is received at a normal timeframe (wireshark logging), the SphinxLoginUserLoggedIn however has taken about 95 seconds to have a response with the information about the token.

I also tried it with an embedded browser, using a TTMSFNCWebBrowser and I am able to get the login screen. After the Login button has been pressed there is no longer a response. Probably the DefaultRedirectUrl is not set correctly, with I get a socket error and access denied (although includeSubdomains localhost has been included via an extra xml) . So I use the Result := Format('', [GetUnusedPort]); then I get to the login screen but not further (wireshark logging: favicon.ico is requested by the android device and received from the server).
Is there perhaps a sample FMX project that does a login on an Android device with an embedded browser in the form of the project?

It looks your issues are at Android side, and unfortunately I'm not expert in mobile development.

Maybe there are some settings in app permissions that you need to allow?