pfw XE3 Version error


I just Bought Delphi XE3 and I upgrade the plugin framework to XE3 versión.

when i open the "demo 1" program and try to "build All" i get an error:

"[dcc32 Fatal Error] pfcorePkgDXE2.dpk(28): E2225 Never-Build package 'vcl' must be recompiled"

(there is not error, the package name is pfcorePkgDXE2)....

what i should i do?

Previsuly, I had Delphi XE and the corresponding Plugin framework versión and everything worked great

Sorry for my english

Please install the XE3 specific packages and change the package name dependencies in projects to pfcorePkgDXE3

thanks, everything it's Ok....

in addition to change in the "requires" clause of each packege, you must change the package name in the section "runtamie packeges" of the host application

Clarification: The installer of PFW was correct, the problem was with the demos