Performance Issue


   we are using Aurelius in a brand new project under Delphi Seattle.
   We are choose to use MSSQL server as RDMS and using FireDac for the access.

    In this scenario when we connect an TAureiusDataset with a class with an association to a table with more the 100 record the performance are very poor.
   If we directly query the DB using a TFDQuey we don't have any issue.
   We have already try with lazy/eager settings without any result

   Can you help us?

Best Regards
   Franesco Da Riva

What is your mapping, classes, how is data more or less distributed? There might be performance penalties, but they can have several reasons, each case is different. If you prefer to send a sample project through e-mail, you're welcome. Otherwise please give more details here about your setup.


    can you give me an e-mail for the detail please?

    Francesco Da Riva

You can send your project to 

Just to be sure : do you want both Delphi Propject and Datamodeler Project?


Please send your mapping, the code you use to retrieve data and if possible the database with data.

The ideal scenario is if you could send us a compilable project that reproduces the problem, so we restore the database, run it and then we can debug and eventually optimize if it's the case. Thank you very much.