_PdfMessages.FlexCelPdfException.obj not found

This exception "_PdfMessages.FlexCelPdfException.obj not found" occurs in c++ builder 10.3.2 professional during link of one of the projects. It works fine with other projects. flexcel path is set in classic compiler path. Any hint?

Thank you.


It is hard to diagnose, but can you try to write:
#include "FlexCel.pdf.hpp" somewhere inside your project?
Or manually adding:
#pragma link "FlexCel_Pdf.lib (if you are not using runtime packages)

The thing is: FlexCel.pdf.hpp already has this code:


{$HPPEMIT '  #pragma link "FlexCel_Pdf.bpi"'}

{$HPPEMIT '#else'}

{$HPPEMIT '  #if defined(__WIN32__)'}

{$HPPEMIT '    #pragma link "FlexCel_Pdf.lib"'}

{$HPPEMIT '  #else'}

{$HPPEMIT '    #pragma link "FlexCel_Pdf.a"'}

{$HPPEMIT '  #endif'}

{$HPPEMIT '#endif'}

And that should link FlexCel_Pdf.lib in your app. But C++ builder can mess stuff up and stop linking it. The file _PdfMessages.FlexCelPdfException.obj shouldn't exist on its own, but be inside FlexCel_Pdf.lib

Finally, you might want to try manually editing the project.cbproj file. Open it with a text editor and search for <AllPackageLibs>. Make sure FlexCel_Pdf.lib is included there.