PDF Inch -> Pixel TAdvGridPDFIO

Is there a way to change the mass of the entire printout from inches ? to pixels?
or what do I have to change so that a pixel really is a pixel in the PDF?

I have defined the footer 32px? high and load into this footer an image that is 32x32 pixels. However, this image is not taken over one to one, but somehow zoomed.

pdf_ImgIO.FooterSize      := 32;

tmImg               := TAdvBitmap.Create;

aGraphics.DrawImage(tmImg, clred,tmRectLeft,false,false,itOriginal,1,true);


In the PDF it looks like this


what do i have to do differently so that my bitmap images are included in the PDF without any changes?
So that a pixel really is a pixel in the PDF?

Screen DPI is 96, PDF DPI is 72 by default, so you need to convert the size to make sure it matches x := x / 96 * 72

ok i have understood