PDF export LInux


I have to make a linux console app which exports a Flexcel report to pdf.
I have a linking error: error: cannot find -lflx_skia_draw

I have read FlexCel Linux Guide | FlexCel Studio for VCL and FireMonkey documentation.
I tried to make a simple gui app (fmx).
It compiles and run under linux, but as soon as I add SKIA.FlexCel.Core in the use clause the same error message appears.

Have you deployed libskia.so?

If that isn't it, you need to ensure you have:
In folder \FlexCelVCLNT\ThirdParty\Skia\Linux64 the file libflx_skia_draw.a:

Then, in the library path for Delphi in Linux, you need to have:

If you have both, the linker should be able to find flx_skia_draw (which is the file libflx_skia_draw.a )

Many thanks Adrian

$(FLEXCELVCLNT)\ThirdParty\Skia\Linux64 was missing in my library paths (only the first entry, $(FLEXCELVCLNT)\Packages\d11\Linux64\Release was in the library paths)

It builds correctly now