Partly loading of spreadsheet

I've a big xlsx file (30 Mb). Opening it will costs more than one minute (MS Excel takes more than that).

  • Is it possible to only get the first 20 lines of each worksheet in a fast way? I looked at the virtual mode demo, but wasn't able to decrease loading time significantly (just from 1:10 to 1:03) by altering read_Cells
  • Is it possible to load just one worksheet of a spreadsheet with the command xls.Open(FileName, Sheetname) or otherwise?


We've modified virtual mode last week so it allows you to do 2 things:
1) completely skip sheets you don't need.
2) Stop reading after say n rows.

I think it will fix your issues. We are working in the new demo right now, we should be publishing a new version early next week.


Hi Adrian,
I'm looking forward to this new version.
Have a nice weekend,

Well, there were some delays with the publishing, but the new version (with a new Virtual mode demo) is up now.

Sorry about the delays.

The trend is that people are creating bigger and bigger files (especially when they found the pivot option). This new virtual mode really speed up things for me. Also thanks for the Performance.pdf, very interesting.