Parse JSON returned from XData back into an Object

I'm sure I saw this in a blog or video recently, but is there a way to convert an object (not an aurelius entity) returned by XData as JSON back into the object within Webcore?


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Maybe you are asking about functions TJSJSON.parse (to convert a JSON string into a JavaScript object) and TJSJSON.stringify (to serialize a JavaScript object to a JSON string)?

No, I use that already. What I was after was parsing the JSON into a Delphi Object in Webcore, so create a TMyObject from a JSON string/JSON Object.

A "Delphi" (*) TMyObject object has several meta information inside it and it's not very safe to case a JS object to it.

But if you declare a class with external keyword, you can simply case the parsed object directly, Pas2JS allows that:

  JSObj: TJSObject;
  MyObj: TMyObject;
  JSObj := JS.ToObject(TJSJSON.parse(JsonString));
  MyObj := TMyObject(JSObj)

(*) Delphi between quotes because it's Pas2JS, not Delphi, strictly speaking.

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