PageControl - help

Is there a short video that shows how to work with the PageControl or TabSet and something else?

I'm very familiar with TPageControl from Delphi.

In VSC, I dropped a PageControl on the form and I find very few familiar things. Some stuff I'm looking for but can't seem to find include:

  • how to adjust tab height
  • how to change which page is being viewed in designer (clicking on tabs in design time doesn't do anything)
  • how to add new pages
  • I set Align the control to Client and it seems only the front page is aligned. Page2 is not. (Maybe a bug)

A short video showing how to work with this would be great.

Sorry, we do not have a video.

  1. Tab height should adapt to its content
  2. Change the TabIndex property to change the active page
  3. Drop a TWebTabSheet on the WebPageControl to add a new page
  4. Thanks for reporting. We can reproduce this issue and will investigate to fix