Own Debugger window without forms or files or project

I like the demo under "pascal\debugger" directory in the actual Scripter version and wondered, that this demo has no form of its debugger (I am using Delphi 2007). Just the main form is located there.

In my software I have just one unit (Source code), no project file, ...
I have tried the debugger component, but I am missing some features as "Find", "Replace", "Watches", ...
In the debugger sample, there ist most of the functionality implemented, nice with icons, status bar and so on.
But it is not translateable and does not look as our product does, so I like to take this demo and like to see, how it is build. But did not find the source of this debugger window.
Where can I find it?

There are also some components, which are not described in the documentation:

  • TScrMemoCapitalChecker
  • TatMemoInterface

Can you tell me, what theses components do or can be used for

Thanx for helping

The unit that holds the actual form of the debugger is atDebugScriptForm.pas (and respective dfm), located in the subfolder source\legacy under the TMS Scripter install folder.

About the components you mentioned, TatMemoInterface is not used anymore (legacy) and TScrMemoCapitalChecker comes from TAdvMemoCapitalChecker of TAdvMemo. From TAdvMemo manual (http://www.tmssoftware.biz/download/manuals/TMS%20TAdvMemo%20Developers%20Guide.pdf):

The TAdvMemoCapitalChecker is a component that will perform autocorrection to ensure that starting capital characters are used at the beginning of a sentence.

Thank you. Found the form. This helped a lot.

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