Override Planner AfterPaint

Hi there

Ive created a custom TMyPlanner which descends form TPlanner.  Im wanting my TMyPLanner to have the AfterPaint event included, so when my custom MyPlanner component is finished painting, it triggers AfterPaint. 
Basically when my custom MyPlanner has finished painting, Im wanting it to trigger another procedure.
However, I cannot get it to work since AfterPaint decends from TPlannerGrid and not TPlanner.
Do I have to create a TMyPlannerGrid??  If so, how do I link TMyPlanner to TMyPlannerGrid???

There is currently indeed not an easy way to do this.
To help, we've now added a virtual DoAfterPaint method in TCustomPlanner that you can override.
This new method will be available in the next update.