Overnight events are not visible in Day mode

Hi. I use DBPlanner I use it in plDay mode. My problems are
overnight events. When event starts today and finishes aftertomorow, I
except (for example) half-day "belt / panel" of event today, the
day-long panel of event tomorow and part of events panel aftertomorow,
but.... I can't se anything. 
Event that starts one day and finishes the day after are no visible in Day mode... Why?

I tried look for an ansfer in help file, I studied examples... I found nothing. What do I do wrong?

Can anyone help me?

Here you are screenshoots
Here you have sql script that create mySQL Table
Here you are delphi files


Seriously? Nobody can help me?

A can see two possibilities...
First - problem is trivial and nobody want to waste time to help to newbie
Second - problem is serious and nobody know an answer.

My project is commercial, like this components. I thought, that components that I paid for, has any support.

Multiday/day crossing  items are shown in the header (like in Outlook) so, increase Planner.Header.Height to see the items there. 

There was some delay in support handling last week because I have been travelling to the other side of the planet to speak at Delphi conferences. I hope for your understanding.

Dear Bruno...
Thank you for your answer, but I'm afraid, there is some problem. Please, have a look at

There is all my Planner height. There is nothing to increase, nothing to scroll, but I can't see my day-crossing events.
I have Display option: ActiveEnd, ActiveStart, DisplayEnd, DisplayStart set to my values, but setting it to default values doesn't help. All Header options I have set to default. DBPlanner.Caption I can set to visible / non-visible - nothing helps.
I've thought, I set  some settings stupidly, so I tried it on your demos. It doesn't work either.

Is there any other option that I have to switch to turn on displaying of my day-crossing events?

Ooops... my fault... I tried to increase Planner.Height instead of Planner.Header.Height
Obviously, Header.AutoSize=true helps too.