Overlapping Charts

I have a TAdvGDIPChartView containing a pane with 2 series - a histogram and a line chart. They both use the same Y scale and I've been trying to get them to share the same axis. All I get though is one above the other.

The FinChart demo seems to have one that does this but I can't work out what parameter is key to making this happen. I've tried all the ones which seem to be related to no avail. I can't see anything in the manual although I could be searching for the wrong thing.

Does anyone know what you have to do to make this work?

Many thanks


Please send us your sample so we can investigate this here and see what is missing.
For multiple series to have the same Y-Range you must set the AutoRange to arCommon/arCommonZeroBased for each serie.

Scheldeman Pieter

Thanks Peter for the quick reply.

I used arCommonZeroBased on both charts and that worked ok.