Optical Issues in Runtime but not in Designtime

Hi there,

i have some optical issues ... 

first is the behaviour of the TAdvEdit.LabelMargin ... see Screenshot below (left = Designtime | right = Runtime)

Second is the TAdvToolBarPager .. as you see this also differs from Deisgntime to Runtime ... 

What i checked so far:

- clean fresh build
- deleted dcus
- reinstalled TMS ComponentPack

Hope you can help,

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This must be related to high DPI handling.
We have investigated this and have applied improvements for both the TAdvEdit and TAdvToolBarPager. The next update will contain these improvements.

Thank you Bruno ... i am looking forward to that release ...

Happy New year to you and the TMS Software Team !!!!!

Best regards from Germany,


Thanks Andreas. Next release is scheduled for Jan 10, but we'll look at the change list and depending on it might move it forward to Jan 3.

Hello Bruno ... 

seems not to be fixed ... i attached a new screenshot with the actual state ...

perhaps you can take a look at the background image problem with the splash too - > https://www.tmssoftware.com/site/forum/forum_posts.asp?TID=12754&title=using-backgroundpicture-on-tadvsmoothsplashscreen

Can you please contact us by email and provide some sample source app & detailed steps how to reproduce the problem as so far, we cannot see an issue anymore with TAdvEdit and its label.

Ok ... i will extract that stuff and send a sample project soon 

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