Opening a Aurelius Dataset is very slow


I'm currently having a critical issue in a project using TMS Aurelius to recieve information stored in
a PostgreSQL Database.

I'm trying to get all the data stored in a table (roughly about 1500 entries) and its taking up to
90 minutes to recieve the data. In this time period the whole program freezes and you can't use
it at all.

Now i could locate the issue and the part that takes such a long time is when I am opening the Aurelius Dataset.

Here's a part of the code im trying to execute:

procedure TDataModule1.open_ToDo(var Da: TAureliusDataset);

Setting the SourceList for the DataSet is taking literally no time, but the part is taking about 90 minutes to execute. I'm not sure whats causing this issue, the time gets longer the more data is stored in the table (but 1500 entries shouldn't causing that long delays)

Could any of you help me resolving the problem?

Best Regards,
J?rgen Bucher

Hi Jurgen, strange indeed, 90 minutes is just too much. 

One rough guess is that you maybe have lots of Lists (ManyValuedAssociations) in your TToDo class that are loaded on demand (lazy-loaded)? Maybe Aurelius Dataset is creating those dataset fields for each list and then loading them for the first records (is the dataset linked to a dbgrid?). And then if you don't have lazy-loaded stuff for the associated classes maybe it's being loaded all together.

Have you confirmed that similar operations (and iterations through lists) with same data are not slow if not using the dataset? Is the problem the dataset for sure, or can be data retrieval?