OpenAPI and SetEntitySetPermissions

Does the new OpenAPI integration takes a look at permissions from SetEntitySetPermissions? I have tried to set

LXDataModule.SetEntitySetPermissions('User', []);

but the swagger.json lists all possible methods (Get, Post, Delete, etc.) for the "user" entity. 

Is there a way to take the permissions per entity into account when generating the swagger.json? 

Thank you!

- Timo

Currently not, it's being ignored. Because conceptually it only gets information from the XData model itself, and entity set permissions are part of a specific TXDataModule.

But we are considering reviewing this, maybe we indeed change the concept and make the OpenAPI specification to be based on the XDataModule settings.

Thank you for the quick reply. Would be great indeed if the XDataModule settings would be taken into account.

It is, now:

Improved: Swagger documents now take entity set permissions into account, omitting Aurelius CRUD endpoints which are not available due to the entity set permissions configuration.

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