Open existing pdf

I'm testing the free trial of FNC UIPack. I noticed that you have an FMX.TTMSFNCPDFLib unit that contains a TTMSFNCPDFLib class. I have a need to be able to open an existing PDF; preferrable one that is streamed to me over the net into a mobile environment.

I don't want to persist anything to disk. I just want to take the stream and display it in my mobile app. Is there a way to do this?



If you are targetting iOS, you can use the TTMSFMXWebBrowser available in the TMS FMX UI Pack
The TTMSFMXWebBrowser on iOS is capable of displaying PDF files embedded in your application directly from an URL.

I'm targeting both iOS and Android, so any solution would have to work with both.

For Android, Embedded PDF display is not supported. To open a PDF, you'll need to open it in another default PDF viewer application such as Adobe PDF Reader.