Open an Excel file in readonly modus

Is it possible to open an Excel file with Flexcel object in readonly modus?



No, FlexCel doesn't have a readonly mode. You can protect the workbook and make it "Recommend readonly" when you open it in Excel, but FlexCel always has full control over the file. Any reason you want it to be readonly?

I need readonly for Flexcel!

When user opens Excel file via Flexcel, user must have a method to open xslx file also in Excel. For instance: 
1. to check that file was read properly
2. to make changes
3. to see what he has inside Excel and to work with this file.

Now .xlsx file is disabled to be opened in Excel.
Please add "readonly" mode.
Thank you!

I am not sure I understand what you mean by "readonly" mode here. Could you explain a little more?
The original post was I think about not allowing an user to modify the file inside FlexCel, but this seems to be a different thing.

So first of all, let me explain how FlexCel works:
1)When you open a file, FlexCel opens a file handle, reads all the file information into memory, and closes the file handle.
After 1), you are free to do whatever you like with the original file, even delete it. FlexCel has all information parsed in records inside the memory.
2)When you modify the file in FlexCel, you are not modifying the file (which as said you could have even deleted after opening it). You are modifying the representation of the file FlexCel has in memory.
3)When you save, FlexCel again creates a file handle, dumps the memory in the file, and closes the file. Again, after saving, you can do whatever you want with the file, FlexCel doesn't know about it anymore.

So I don't really understand what you are asking for. Once the user opens the xlsx file with FlexCel, he can also open it in Excel, he can change it in Excel, he can delete it, do whatever he likes.

In fact to use APIMate what I recommend is exactly this: Open the file in both Excel and FlexCel: modify it in Excel and press "refresh" in APIMate to see the changes. There is no need to close APIMate or Excel to reread the file.

I am not sure on what a readonly mode would do here. can you explain more?