OnSetFilter example

Hello everyone,

I have an application where I'm making use of TDBPlanner and on page 71 of the documentation, it mentions the use of OnSetFilter.  Does anyone have an example of this they can share?  Right now, when I need to filter, I'm setting a TZTable (ZeosDBO component) to filtered but I'm definitely noticing a performance lag so I don't think I'm doing something quite right. 

Thank you.


This is for datasets that support filtering and you would want to set a filter for retrieval of events from the dataset.
If you use a TClientDataSet and would for example want to filter events where in the database a resource filter has a specific value, then you can use:

procedure TForm5.DBDaySource1SetFilter(Sender: TObject);
  ClientDataSet1.Filter := 'MyResourceField = ''MyFilterCondition''';
  ClientDataSet1.Filtered := true;