The OnReplaceDone handler of Advmemofindrelacedialog fires after doing a "find". Shouldn't it only fire after a "replace"?. I am using it with a TAdvmemo in conjunction with an AdvReplaceDialog.

This is a general event for when the Find & Replace dialog finished search and/or replace. If this would have to be separated, there would need to be a OnFindDone event as well.

Ok. I can certainly work around this by tracking whether the Replace All button was clicked prior to the event firing. Just a suggestion, though: A common feature following a replace all is to display "X replacements were made". A nice feature to add would be either an event that fires specifically after Replace All or a pair of properties : ShowReplaceAllMessage (boolean) and ShowReplaceAllText (String).  Again, I am fine but thought I would suggest this improvement.

Thank you!

AdvMemoFindReplaceDialog.Count: integer public property exists and it returns the nr. of replaces and could be used to show the number of replaces from the OnReplaceDone event.