OnMouseDown/Up not triggering for image cells?

Hey folks!

I'm using the TTMSFMXLiveGrid in combination with LiveBindings to display some detail lines containing image fields.  The grid automatically renders the image in the field; however, the cells that contain the images do not trigger OnMouseDown/Up events.  All other cells do trigger the event, and even the header cells for the image column trigger the event.

My question is:  is this a design feature, or a bug?  I'm trying to write an OnMouseUp event that contains special logic for dealing with image cells, but it's not firing the event.

We're using TMS Pack for Firemonkey version - hopefully it's just a matter of updating to a newer version (rather than writing custom CreateBitmap for cells, etc.)

Your help is appreciated - thanks in advance!

Additional info:  I've tried using OnCellClick (no event triggered) and also OnCellBitmapClick.  OnCellBitmapClick only recognizes left clicks, but does not trigger on a right-click.

To clarify, we'd like to present a right-click menu on cells containing images

The bitmap object consume the mouse events, so you need to turn off hit-testing:

procedure TForm112.TMSFMXGrid1GetCellProperties(Sender: TObject; ACol,
  ARow: Integer; Cell: TFmxObject);
  if (Cell is TTMSFMXBitmapGridCell) then
    (Cell as TTMSFMXBitmapGridCell).Bitmap.HitTest := False;

The cell will then display a bitmap, but the cell will still be selectable.

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Perfect!  Thank Pieter!