Online reference document needs attention

The writeup on TWebRESTClient has formatting errors in the methods list and that list is incomplete, lacking descriptions of Authenticate, and all of the token commands (ReadTokens, SaveTokens, ClearTokens, etc.).

Thanks for reminding.
We fixed it and we'll update it online asap

Thanks. The writeup still doesn't mention all the methods though. E.g., Authenticate, the one used in the Google Drive Demo project, is missing.

Could we have more hints in these descriptions as to how to use the methods? Or, even better, some pointers to demo examples of their use? I've looked at the sources in the Core Source folder, but they don't have enough comments for me to understand how they work and how they should be used. E.g., there is an AccessExpiry property that always seems to have the same 0 DateTime. How is that used/modified?

We have added Authenticate, *Expiry, *Token to the doc and will publish it online soon.
*Expiry are available in the base class and it depends on the actual descending class for a specific service whether it is used or not.