OneDrive-Treeview 100 record limit?

I have an app where user can choose one of this 4 clouds to connect to his drive: TMSFMXCloudDropBox1, TMSFMXCloudGDrive1, TMSFMXCloudSkyDrive1, TMSFMXCloudYandexDisk1.

The ideea is to populate a Treeview with the cloud records.

The problem:
If OneDrive is connected, then Treeview it populates no more than 100 records (even if I have more then 100 records on OneDrive cloud)

The other 3 clouds work correct, it load all cloud records.

Where can be the problem?

Please help!

Sorry, the correct number of OneDrive maximum records showed in Treeview is 200


Thank you for notifying.
This issue has been fixed and the update will be available with the next release of TMS FMX Cloud Pack.

Thank you!

Happy to help!