OneDrive RefreshAccess Issue


I've found an issue in RefreshAccess in VCL Cloud pack.

After one hour you have to login again. RefreshAccess results false.

It works with old registered apps and old app keys.
But with the new App registration in Windows Azure, where you have to set a secret App key, the RefreshAccess doesn't work in the VCL version of VCL Cloud Pack.

The reason is that you use the compiler directive {$IFDEF FMXLIB}
The solution is to delete or comment out this directive in CloudCustomWinLive.pas.

  + 'client_secret=' + URLEncode(App.Secret) + lf
//  {$ENDIF}

Then it works!

Best regards

Thank you for notiyfing us.
We'll investigate if the issue can be reproduced and if the suggested change can be implemented in the next release of TMS VCL Cloud Pack.