One of 2 similar Web Core projects fails interactivity

I am working to port my HIDmaker products to Web Core. I am starting by making 2 "stripped-down" projects that just create a template for the main form that is very similar to the layout of the corresponding Delphi products that I sell. "Stripped down" in the sense that each of these creates a main form, which contains very common components like TWebMemo, TWebButton, TWebCheckBox, etc. I am testing interactivity by adding simple test code in the OnClick handlers for these controls.

For components like TWebButton, I add a few lines of code that prints a 1-line message like
SendRptsBtnClick( ) called at 7/20/2022 12:39:45PM

One of these programs works perfectly, but the other (more important) one displays the form in the web browser, but only 1 button ("Clear Results") does anything : It clears the TWebMemo, but doesn't display the 1-line message.

I have deleted the commented-out code from the real product, so the current code is as small as I can make it, in hopes that I would compare these 2 projects and spot the problem, but after 3 days I'm still stuck.

I hate to ask, but could I send you these 2 projects (1 good, 1 bad) to see if you can spot the problem?

I can send you screen shots of these first.

Thinking this would qualify as a consulting service, we can offer to handle it this way.

How much would this cost? We are essentially a 1-person company, and money is tight for us.

This AM, since I didn't hear from you, I figured I should take a deep dive into debugging in Javascript : probably very time consuming, but necessary.

We followed up via direct message.