On parent delete: set null and Relationships names

This operation is not performed by my application, it violates the key and prevents me from deleting.

What does this thing depend on? Do I have to do any particular operations in these cases?

Another question: is there a way to change the name of the Relationships?
In some cases it gives me a superposition of names due to the maximum number of characters allowed by the Database for the name

Thanks in advance

Hello Flavio, I don't understand your question about the OnParentDelete? What does your application do and how it relates to Data Modeler? 

To rename a relationship, just double click the relationship to open the edit form, and type the new name in the field "Relationship name"
About the OnParentDelete:
it's probably more about aurelius than "data modeller", if you want i can move it to the other section.
I try to explain myself better: If I set a key with "OnParentDelete: cascade" on the relationship of the data modeller when i make an Update structure it creates che constrain in my database, and is ok, but when i try to delete a record that is related it rise the violation of the key, instead first it should set all relations to null then delete.

About the RelationName:
The problem is in my database, I'm using interbase 7.5.1 and the lenght of a constrain max 35 char. In some istance it create some issues because it create the default name then crop it and sometimes 2 different constrains could have the same name.
I Need a way to define the constrain name

Are you referring to OnParentDelete cascade or set null? Please explain the exact situation with examples, I'm a little bit lost on what is the exact scenario. Aurelius doesn't create or modify anything in database structure regarding delete cascades. It performs its own mechanism, using TCascadeType.Remove flag in the association. If it's present, it will manually delete the associated records together with the parent. If not present, it will simply try to delete the parent record and the database will take care of the rest.

You can use ForeignKey attribute to define the name of the foreign key in Aurelius: https://download.tmssoftware.com/business/aurelius/doc/web/foreignkey.html

Tryed but dosen't work, i did wrong someting then


OnParentDelete set null

I have 2 tables
Table 1 width an ID and Table 2 whidth a reference width table 1, this reference is OnParentDelete set null.

if i delete a row width a reference from table 1 my application rise an exception: violation of the key.
Why this? a "OnParentDelete: set null" should set the value of table 1 reference in table 2 to null before the actual deleting? Am I wrong? 

About foreign key names, can you please try again and provide the exact problem you are having? What do you mean by it doesn't work? Any error message? Any specific behavior?

About OnParentDelete: 
Which database are you using? 
How did you create such database and its structure?
Is this a database that was already created, and you did import structure with Data Modeler?
Or have you created the database by running the SQL script generated by the Data Modeler?