Office2010 Styles cause an error in AdvShapeButton

I am using C++Builder 2009 and the VCL AdvShapeButton  and  AdvToolBarPager
When I set the 2010 Styles seen below the  AdvShapeButton that is built into the  AdvToolBarPager loses its shape formatting. Is this a known issue or am I setting the Style Incorrectly?
AdvAppStyler1->Style                   = Advstyleif::tsOffice2010Blue;
AdvToolBarOfficeStyler1->Style    = bsOffice2010Blue;
AdvAppStyler1->Style                   = Advstyleif::tsOffice2010Silver;
AdvToolBarOfficeStyler1->Style    = bsOffice2010Silver;
AdvAppStyler1->Style                   = Advstyleif::tsOffice2010Black;
AdvToolBarOfficeStyler1->Style    = bsOffice2010Black;
AdvAppStyler1->Style                 = Advstyleif::tsWindows7;
AdvToolBarOfficeStyler1->Style = bsWindows7;

This is by design, the shape of the application button in the Office 2010 style is a fixed rectangle.