Office ribbon for FNC UI pack


I know that this control is a bit Windows specific, and most controls are based on the Windows dll (don't know whether the TMS ribbon control is just a wrapper) , but I would love to see this control for the FNC UI pack.

With best regards
Our VCL Ribbon is not a wrapper but a full native implementation.
This is indeed on the list of components that are being considered for future versions. In case we decide to start up this development, we'd also opt for a full native implementation in the FNC architecture.


any news about this? Is it possible to give us a kind of outlook what will happen concerning the FNC UI development this year?

With best regards - Ulrich

It is at the top of list of items for TMS FNC UI Pack. 

As we get closer, we'll inform about it.
We typically only disclose information/details/timing on new product development when we are confident we can deliver in a timely way and meet and exceed your expectations.