Office 2010 Ribbon Application -on XP?

I am developing an TMS Office 2010 Ribbon Application targeted for Win 7 and above,
but tested it on XP (SP3).

The application did not 'freeze' but it was locked on the frame acting as a menu system.
-The tabs on the AdvToolbarPager, the File Button, the border 'X' max or min buttons could not be clicked. The 'error' windows sound occurs, as if there is another dialog or pop up that has focus but cannot be viewed (?).

All items on the menu were 'click-able'.

Not that I am anticipating using XP.... but what is the issue here?

Just curious


I found a work - around:
under the btnFile - add click event
if btnFile.Tag = 0 then begin;
       btnFile.Tag := 1;
       frmnMainMenu.Visible := True;
     end else begin
       btnFile.Tag := 0;
       frmnMainMenu.Visible := False;

seems to be ok for XP...

Thanks for this suggestion. Not sure why this solves the issue on XP but we'll investigate.