Numeric Edit with range check?

Porting application from Delphi 7 using Orpheus to XE2 64 bit using TMSPack.

Is there a convenient way with TMSPack to have a numeric edit with a value range? Orpheus had rangeLo and rangeHi properties.

I haven't found anything like that yet. 

What is the etRange edit type of TAdvEdit? I haven't found any documentation describing it.



Did you consider TAdvSpinEdit with its Min/Max properties?

etRange for TAdvEdit means it sets a range of characters it can/cannot accept.

Is there a way to hide/disable the spinedit buttons of TAdvSpinEdit? 

I think I will use TAdvEdit and handle the range checking myself in its events.


You can set:

  advspinedit.Button.Visible := false;