NULL in TTIWDBAdvWebGrid / edCombo

i use the TTIWDBAdvWebGrid in combination of Lookupfields and the editor edCombo.
This works very well. However, I noticed that - when inserting new rows - the first possible Value (Text) of the lookup dataset appears.
Also when editing, NULL Values are preset with the first value of the lookup dataset.
A "- NO SELECTION -" would be more appropriate - this also corresponds to the Intraweb DBLookupcomboboxes.
How can I implement such a behaviour?


Can you try adding a "- No Selection -" item manually in the Columns[].ComboItems property and a corresponding empty value in the Columns[].ComboValues property?
The first "empty" value will then be selected when adding new rows to the IWDBAdvWebGrid.

I've tried.

Adding Items and Values manually in Designtime doesnt help. Just the Items and Values from the LookupDataset are visible in Runtime.
Sorry. Any other Ideas? Perhaps some Events i can use to override the shown Items?

Unfortunately there's currently no event available to override the Combo items.

As a workaround you can try to add all items manually to the ComboItems and ComboValues list by iterating the LookupDataSet together with the required extra "No Selection" item.

That's a workaround, but an acceptable solution ;-).