now instead of CurrentTime in TimeLine

Please use now instead of CurrentTime when displaying Timeline (DrawCurrentTimeInGrid)
now uses my localTime - don't ask me, what timezone CurrentTime is showing. In the example i patched only one occurence of CurrentTime -> timeLine is split ...

CurrentTime is a function defined in the planner which uses Now ...

It's unclear what you are experiencing, if you have an unexpected effect please send us a sample that reproduces this.

Can you please tell me, how to upload an image? copy/paste does NOT work - and with the image butten - do I really have to put it on a FTP server first?


Unfortunately uploading images in the forum is not possible at this time.
Please use a remote service or server to upload an image.

yeah - that's very unfortunately, as an image says much more ...

remote service is too complicated - close the issue, as I don't want to waste more time (yours and mine)